Saturday, January 14, 2017


What I really meant to say in the video is explained with more accuracy below. After all, they are completely unscripted and off the cuff.

Yearly Writing and Running Rituals | Do you know why you write? | writing habits | rituals for writers

Running Rituals

Every year, I look forward to going to at least two races that I plan a year in advance. My races of choice are:
  1. The Cooper River Bridge Run, a 10k in Charleston, SC at the end of March or beginning of April each year
  2. The Writers Who Run 10k Trail Race, in Fontana Dam, NC each June
Having this race ritual gives me something to look forward to - and train for - all year long. Not that I'm training all year, mind you. But the dates are scheduled into my calendar. It's an experience I can't re-create on my weekly solo runs. These races are the highlight of my year, in terms of running. "So cool."

Writing Rituals

Just like the Canadian geese I mention in the video, when we have annual events we return to year after year, it's a way to return to our roots. My annual writing events are:
  1. The Writers Who Run Retreat in June
  2. The Carolinas SCBWI annual conference in September
These events are how I keep the ritual of writing and running alive all year long. The anticipation and excitement of creating your own writing or running rituals can help you stay close to the "why" of what you love to do.

What annual rituals do have in place? Share in the comments! #SOCOOL

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Let me ask you a question. If someone gave you a free writing retreat, would you take it? If so, now's your chance to win a trip to NC! Of course, you'd be responsible for your own airfare.

Win a FREE Writing Retreat in NC | writer resources | conferences | retreats | trips | working vacations | contests

Rural North Carolina

Imagine being with 47 other writers... and making friends that you'll cherish forever. You'll explore the mountains and trails. You'll eat S'mores. Visit the Fontana Dam and take a tour of Fontana Lake. This place is magical. Who cares that it's 3 and a half hours from the nearest major airport?

Rejuvenating, Educational, Productive, Social

With 8 faculty members to meet and learn from, you'll be able to revise your manuscript with renewed vigor. Two roundtable critique groups will give you direct and specific feedback on your first two chapters. Each evening, we'll be social... with journal making, swimming, boat tours, and a book signing party and book character costume contest.

Adventurous, Thematic, Charitable, Braggable

Two-mile trail runs each morning. A themed race: dress up like a book character! Great views! And get a medal. BLING!

Who will you invite to come with you? Instead of sharing in the comments below, share the emails of three close friends when you sign up for the contest and get 10 extra chances to win!

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Monday, January 9, 2017


This is an ongoing writing survey I began in 2016. I've gotten some excellent feedback so far, but would love to grow my reach to include more input. I'll update the data as we go along.

Top 3 Challenges Writers Face | writing tips | author advice | how to grow as a writer

Success Means Different Things to a Writer

I love the feeling of completing a first draft. It's like the Muse is your best friend. Unfortunately for writers, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of success, and writing a great book is just one of those pieces. What are your biggest writing challenges? I'd love to know your challenges, dreams, and goals!

Sign Up For My "Go, Writer, Go!" Newsletter

When you sign up for my newsletter, I'll share the results of the survey thus far. I'll start you off with an instant download of my most popular tip sheet: Six Surprising NON-grammar Writer Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur Author AND HOW TO AVOID THEM.

During the first few weeks, I'll send you a "Go, Writer, Go!" message every few days. After the first few weeks, I'll send you an email about every 20 days. Not too much, but not just a few times a year, either. Write Wild!!!

What's your #1 writing challenge that you currently struggle with right now? Share in the comments!

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Friday, January 6, 2017


So far in 2017, my goal of blogging two times a week has been successful for week #1. This week's insight focuses on preparing for progress. Enjoy the short video. As always, run safe and write wild.

YouTube video | writing and running | how to prepare for daily progress | careers for writers

What ONE thing can you do to prepare for your goals? 
Wear a long-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, check the forecast? 
Have a list of questions ready to ask your dream agent?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


If you saw my last post about my New Year's resolution, you'll know that I only posted a measly 21 times in 2016. I had wanted to do a Top 10 Posts of the year, but I don't have that many to choose from, so here's my 2016 Round Up: the top 5 best blog posts I shared with you last year.

5 Best Blog Posts of 2016 | writer tips | author advice | new year's resolutions | blogging for writers

This year, my goal is 2x a week. And one of those will be a video. Easy peasy, right? Hopefully!

  1. Types of Nonfiction in Children's Books
  2. What's the Difference Between Writing Workshops, Conferences, and Retreats?
  3. Classic Toys for Summer - 40 toys that don't require batteries
  4. The Top 10 Writer Myths of All Time
  5. 44 Reasons to Be a Writer

What is one of your goals this year? Share in the comments below!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


If trying to write 5 pages a day, or 2,000 words a day, seems like too much, then make a smaller goal.

"My name is consistency. I am related to success." | quotes | productivity | consistent writing | author tips

My 2017 goals:

  1. Move for 25 minutes a day, no matter how slow.
  2. Blog 2x a week.
  3. Read more novels.

I started my blog in 2010.

  1. 2010 - Posted 143 times. Awesome!
  2. 2011 - 102.
  3. 2012 - 113.
  4. 2013 - Dropped to 78.
  5. 2014 - Dropped to 44.
  6. 2015 - Dropped WAY down to 27!!!
  7. 2016 - Even further... down to 21. Abysmal.

So, if I blog twice a week for 2017, that'll be 104 blog posts. I can totally live with that! Even once a week will be better than what I've done in the last 3 years. I can do this!!!

Small goals can give more wins and build your confidence faster. CONSISTENCY is key. Happy New Year!!! Here's to a successful 2017!!!

What would you like to be more consistent in this coming year? Leave a comment below!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Acting like a writer means dressing the part. There are certain things that writers (and runners) must do to take it to the next level. Merry Christmas!

EPISODE #07: HOW TO ACT LIKE A WRITER | look like a writer | writing tips | runners dress the part

All you have to do is get dressed.

There's not much to write here since the video pretty much says it all.

What's your favorite item to help you dress the part, as a writer OR a runner? Share in the comments!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016


So you're a writer, or you're thinking about it? Let's explore 44 reasons why being an author is the best job in the world!

44 Reasons to Be a Writer | author | careers | fun | money | lifestyle | writers

The top 44 reasons to become a writer, summed up in 4 main categories:
  1. fun
  2. money
  3. perks
  4. healing 

It’s fun.

  1. You like being different.
  2. Playing make believe is SO your thing.
  3. Your fantasies come to life.
  4. It’s like recess and art smooshed together.
  5. You’re an artist – no time to clean. Hello, clutter!
  6. It provides a bigger rush than running does.
  7. People give you presents.
  8. Fans adore you.
  9. Librarians love you.
  10. It’s better than drinking.
  11. It’s better than sex. (Well, almost.)

Passion = money.

  1. Taxes are fun. (You get to claim almost everything).
  2. It’s better than being unemployed.
  3. Your childhood hobby of reading carries into adulthood – and you get paid for it!
  4. You can earn an income from your passion.
  5. You get paid to tell stories.
  6. Fame and fortune. Not really. But it never hurts to dream.
  7. Your name will be up in lights… er, in print.
  8. Advances and royalties.
  9. Passive income.
  10. Long-term part-time (or full-time) job.
  11. Easy to shop for Christmas. Duh, your book!

Great perks.

  1. Every day is a holiday.
  2. Mobile office.
  3. Flexible hours.
  4. No dress code.
  5. Every day is pajama day.
  6. No limits or boundaries.
  7. You can “hang out” with your friends anywhere… online.
  8. People look to you as an expert.
  9. You become a walking encyclopedia – about things you never knew before.
  10. You become “like the gods.”
  11. You become immortal; books live forever.

It’s healing.

  1. Sleeping in is good for the writer’s soul.
  2. You bring meaning to the world through your words.
  3. Your stories help people connect to life.
  4. Free therapy.
  5. Easy revenge for high school haters.
  6. Ex-boyfriends can become evil villains.
  7. Recognition and respect.
  8. You can become whatever you want.
  9. You experience life more deeply.
  10. You change the world: one person and one story at a time.
  11. You’ll never wonder, “What if…”

What's your main reason for writing? Share in the comments!

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