The Writers Who Run blog includes topics about picture book writing, plot arc story summaries, the craft of writing and the top 10 story elements, what it takes to become an author, and all things running. Click on any topic below to see more blog articles in that category.

You might find an interview with a debut picture book author, a plot arc breaking down the 5 main plot points for a movie, a list of books that exemplify character or theme, an article about how to give a critique, or a funny post about how to know if you're a runner. Enjoy!

The craft of writing picture books, debut author interviews, and picture book reviews.

The Plot Arc Library includes a plot summary of the five main plot points for novels, movies, and picture books.

The Top 10 Story Elements include character, conflict, plot, dialogue, theme, and more.

The Author's Life blog category includes articles on how to revise and edit, how to find an agent, how to critique a story, and so much more.

Writers Who Run includes the You Know You're a Writer Series and the You Know You're a Runner Series as well as other fun running info.


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