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3 Types of Book Coaching Strategy Sessions for Writers

Writing a Book? Schedule Your FREE Strategy Session!

If you're looking for a little writing strategy to help you with your book, you're in the right place! I am happy to announce that I now offer coaching calls for authors. I have three different strategy sessions for writers. Each of my free 15-minute phone consultations will help you get more specific on your idea, your title, or your logline -- all important elements you need to think about when writing a novel or a picture book.

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Idea Validation

The first strategy session for writers that I offer is Idea Validation. An Idea Validation Strategy Session is perfect for those writers who have several ideas for the next book, but can't make up their mind. Perhaps one idea excites you, but you'd like a little validation before diving right in.

What if the idea isn't as marketable as your other ideas? Wouldn't it be nice to know which idea resonates the most with potential readers? This is not an idea brainstorming session to help you think of an idea for something to write about. In the end, go with the story that lives at the intersection of personal excitement and marketability.

Title Brainstorm

The second free strategy session I offer to authors is that of the Title Brainstorm. This session will get your gears a spinnin' with many ideas for a great working title. Whether you already have the book finished or you are just getting started, a good title will help grab the attention of an editor.

Yes, chances are very high that the title will get changed, and that's okay, but if you don't have a great title to capture an agent's attention, you might not make that far. Let me help churn out some title ideas for you. They don't call me the "Title Machine" for nothing!

Logline Creation

Lastly, I offer assistance with your 1-sentence logline, or pitch. The one-sentence logline is the quick summary of what your book is about. It's enticing, engaging, and makes people want to read the book. There's a simple formula for writing a logline and I'll take you through it to help you write a logline that you can use in your query letter.

Even if you're not ready to submit yet, writing a logline will help you define your book better so that you can succinctly tell someone what your story is about. If you can't do that in one sentence, your story structure might need a little help. But then again, there's an art form to writing a logline for a novel (or a picture book).

What Happens During a Strategy Session?

We'll introduce ourselves to each other with a quick hello. I'll ask you about your book, and we'll talk about ideas, titles, or loglines. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Be sure to schedule your free 15-minute book coaching strategy session (ie. phone consultation) with Christie for the best time that suits your busy schedule.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Round Up: Best Writing Blogs of 2017

Most Popular Blog Posts for Writers

Welcome to 2018!!! It's time for my annual Round Up Post! Below, you'll find 6 of the most popular posts from last year, in no particular order. If you're looking for a little help in writing a query letter, motivation to keep writing another year, a little somethin' somethin' to make you chuckle, a tip or two on how to achieve your writing goals, how to handle critiques, or how to get a literary agent, then this round up is for you. Yee-haw!!!

1. How to Personalize a Query Letter

Before you send a query letter, you need to know how to gain the attention of an editor or an agent. Every editor is different, and every publisher is different. Sending Editor A a query letter according to Editor B's guidelines may get your query letter tossed in the trash. So, follow these guidelines. READ MORE...

2. 50+ Best Motivational Race Signs

If you have ever run a marathon, then you know the power of the motivational spectator sign. Many are quite humorous, just enough to keep you going. Several are also motivating, an emotional pickup at just the right time to keep you going for another mile. Whether funny or inspiring, race signs are always appreciated. These are some of the most unique race signs out there. READ MORE...

3. You Know You're a Writer Series [1 of 10]

You write when you're excited. You write when you're scared. You write when you're mad, sad, and glad. You're a writer. But are you really? If you've ever wondered if you're really a writer, then this series is for you. READ MORE...

4. Episode 08: Prepare for Progress in Your Writing and Running

On my YouTube Channel, I provide writing (and running) insight. Episode 08 focuses on preparing for progress. There are a few similarities to take note of, even if you don't run. WATCH IT...

5. Getting Your Manuscript Critiqued is Like Buying a New Pair of Running Shoes

As a writer, you know it's important to revise your work until it shines. That's why you joined a critique group. That's why you look forward to your manuscript critiques. It's just like buying a new pair of running shoes. Let me explain. READ MORE...

6. How I Got My Agent

Writers always want to know how other writers got their agents. In fact, someone recently asked me how I got my agent and I realized I hadn't yet shared it on my blog. So today, you're in for a treat! READ MORE...

Which one was your favorite? Share in the comments!

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