Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Small Goals are Better Than Big Goals

If trying to write 5 pages a day, or 2,000 words a day, seems like too much, then make a smaller goal.

"My name is consistency. I am related to success." | quotes | productivity | consistent writing | author tips

My 2017 goals:

  1. Move for 25 minutes a day, no matter how slow.
  2. Blog 2x a week.
  3. Read more novels.

I started my blog in 2010.

  1. 2010 - Posted 143 times. Awesome!
  2. 2011 - 102.
  3. 2012 - 113.
  4. 2013 - Dropped to 78.
  5. 2014 - Dropped to 44.
  6. 2015 - Dropped WAY down to 27!!!
  7. 2016 - Even further... down to 21. Abysmal.

So, if I blog twice a week for 2017, that'll be 104 blog posts. I can totally live with that! Even once a week will be better than what I've done in the last 3 years. I can do this!!!

Small goals can give more wins and build your confidence faster. CONSISTENCY is key. Happy New Year!!! Here's to a successful 2017!!!

What would you like to be more consistent in this coming year? Leave a comment below!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Episode 07: How to Act Like a Writer

Acting like a writer means dressing the part. There are certain things that writers (and runners) must do to take it to the next level. Merry Christmas!

EPISODE #07: HOW TO ACT LIKE A WRITER | look like a writer | writing tips | runners dress the part

All you have to do is get dressed.

There's not much to write here since the video pretty much says it all.

What's your favorite item to help you dress the part, as a writer OR a runner? Share in the comments!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

44 Reasons to be a Writer

So you're a writer, or you're thinking about it? Let's explore 44 reasons why being an author is the best job in the world!

44 Reasons to Be a Writer | author | careers | fun | money | lifestyle | writers

The top 44 reasons to become a writer, summed up in 4 main categories:
  1. fun
  2. money
  3. perks
  4. healing 

It’s fun.

  1. You like being different.
  2. Playing make believe is SO your thing.
  3. Your fantasies come to life.
  4. It’s like recess and art smooshed together.
  5. You’re an artist – no time to clean. Hello, clutter!
  6. It provides a bigger rush than running does.
  7. People give you presents.
  8. Fans adore you.
  9. Librarians love you.
  10. It’s better than drinking.
  11. It’s better than sex. (Well, almost.)

Passion = money.

  1. Taxes are fun. (You get to claim almost everything).
  2. It’s better than being unemployed.
  3. Your childhood hobby of reading carries into adulthood – and you get paid for it!
  4. You can earn an income from your passion.
  5. You get paid to tell stories.
  6. Fame and fortune. Not really. But it never hurts to dream.
  7. Your name will be up in lights… er, in print.
  8. Advances and royalties.
  9. Passive income.
  10. Long-term part-time (or full-time) job.
  11. Easy to shop for Christmas. Duh, your book!

Great perks.

  1. Every day is a holiday.
  2. Mobile office.
  3. Flexible hours.
  4. No dress code.
  5. Every day is pajama day.
  6. No limits or boundaries.
  7. You can “hang out” with your friends anywhere… online.
  8. People look to you as an expert.
  9. You become a walking encyclopedia – about things you never knew before.
  10. You become “like the gods.”
  11. You become immortal; books live forever.

It’s healing.

  1. Sleeping in is good for the writer’s soul.
  2. You bring meaning to the world through your words.
  3. Your stories help people connect to life.
  4. Free therapy.
  5. Easy revenge for high school haters.
  6. Ex-boyfriends can become evil villains.
  7. Recognition and respect.
  8. You can become whatever you want.
  9. You experience life more deeply.
  10. You change the world: one person and one story at a time.
  11. You’ll never wonder, “What if…”

What's your main reason for writing? Share in the comments!

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