How to Write Like a Professional

How to Write Like a Professional
6 Surprising Mistakes That Make Writers Look Like Amateurs... and How to Avoid Them

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I just spent the last few days at the free online writer's conference known as WriteOnCon. AWESOME! It was my 3rd year participating. I always find the conference very inspiring. This year, aside from ALL the great information, the two best things I took away was me writing two query letters (and getting great feedback to make them stronger), and I stumbled upon (by going to agency websites) a few agents I feel might make a great match for me and my work. If you've never heard of WriteOnCon (WOC), go NOW! Here's all the awesomeness...

See ya later, and keep on keepin' on...


  1. Woo-hoo! Sure was. Can't wait for my regional chapter's SCBWI in a few weeks.

  2. Christie...thanks for the heads-up about the conference...don't know where I was to have missed it...I think I heard a little bit about it on some of the blogs...but didn't realize what it was all about. Next year I will definitely take time off from work so I can participate. Looks like it was amazing!


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