Saturday, May 21, 2011

Routines for Writers

That's the name of this month's blogger award recipient. Routines for Writers is a great blog with the goal to help writers write more. It wins the Pot-O-Gold blogger award for May. The design is crisp and fresh, clean and professional. Its simplicity welcomes you to visit often. The main blogging categories included are:

  1. craft
  2. creativity
  3. making goals
  4. NaNoWriMo
  5. networking
  6. organization
  7. productivity
  8. publishing and
  9. success
The blog was created by three aspiring novelists. They post three times a week (one day each). I really love their contest page. It features three sections:

  1. current contests
  2. ongoing contests
  3. and query / first pages critiques (ongoing)
Congratulations Stephanie, Kitty, and Shonna on receiving the Pot-O-Gold blog award! Here are the rules, if you want to play along...

  1. Say thank you to the person who gave it to you.
  2. Write a post and include the image of the award, a link to the person's blog who gave it to you, and a link to my blog, WRITE WILD. (Copy and paste the rules in your post.)
  3. Award four bloggers this award and tell why each is a Pot-O-Gold! (If you receive this award more than once, you only have to forward it the first time. Although you're certainly welcome to continue spreading the love.)
  4. Share four simple things about yourself: 1-a time you had to exercise FAITH, 2-something you HOPE for, 3-something (or someone) you LOVE, and 4-a time when you felt LUCK.


  1. Christie,

    You're so sweet. Thank you for hanging out at our blog and giving us the Pot-O-Gold blog award. Fun! (Sorry if this posts a bazillion times because the form wasn't taking my name/url so I signed into blogger...didn't mean to flood your comments!)

  2. Oh, you're welcome. Keep up the good work. Spread the love, if you can.


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