Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pass the Paper #6: The Picnic Party

It's time for the monthly writing exercise, Pass the Paper!  

I base this on the activity sometimes done at school or camp.  One person begins a story (either on paper, or aloud) and the next person adds to it.  Participants continue around the room until everyone has had a turn.  If the story doesn't feel finished, go a bit further until it gets an ending, even if it IS goofy.  But then, that's the fun of it! 

Just leave a comment below to add to the story. It's that simple! When you leave a comment, click on "subscribe by e-mail," so you can be notified when the next comment is written. That way, you'll know when to come back and write some more. Thanks for playing! 
Holly was so excited to have graduated 2nd grade, but she was even more excited about summer. She LOVED summer picnics, but she HATED thunderstorms. Her favorite picnic meal was an egg-salad sandwich, a giant sweet pickle and watermelon. She and her friends spent several days planning...
Okay, let's see what you guys can do with this one!

If you missed Leonard the Purple Pig's story, be sure to see how it turned out. 


  1. their sumptuous feast out by the pagoda next to River Rune. This was their third year of this tradition and not once did they ever notice ...

  2. the lodge of the mutant killer beavers in the middle of the river. It looked like a regular beaver lodge, but as they sat looking at the river, one of the beavers came ashore. That's when they saw ...

  3. the giant snowman. That didn't make sense since it was warm enough to melt ice cream before you could finish your cone. The beaver quickly ran into his secret...

  4. ...the most wonderful birthday picnic of her life. As they gathered the basket with the sandwiches, fruit and cold beverages and began their walk into the forest,an unexpected guest arrived...

  5. "A snowman for my birthday! Wow! Thanks, guys!" Holly felt like a beaver was following her. Her friends suddenly saw THREE beavers right behind her. "Aaack!!!" she yelled.

    Debra grabbed the picnic blanket and...

  6. Holly grabbed the blanket and Laura just ran. They ran for their lives, with three beavers and a giant snowman following after them.
    "Hay,wait!" shouted one of the beavers. "We want to help you celebrate your birthday!"
    Holly,Debra and Laura stopped dead in their tracks. With talking beavers, they didn't know what to expect. They slowly turned around. Their mouths agape. The snowman wobbled up to them and gave them three snow cones.
    "Wow,thanks!" They took the snow cones and begin to eat. He winked at them and melted away.The beavers walked up to Holly and gave her a birthday gift. A wooden pinwheel. Holly blow on it. The aroma of peppermint, Holly's favorite fragrance, filled the air.
    "Thank you!" she said grinning from ear to ear. They all clapped their hands,with the beavers beating their tails against the ground. Then the beavers turned around and went back into their lodge.
    "This is the greatest birthday picnic ever!" shouted Holly. With her head tilted back and her arms opened wide she twirled around, stopped and looked at her friends. "Now lets eat!"


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