Monday, March 12, 2012

Pot-O-Gold Blogger Award #14: Susanna Leonard Hill

It's time to award another lucky blogger with the Pot-O-Gold Blogger AwardI created this award for excellent blogs based on interesting and helpful content AND visually appealing and easy-to-navigate design. It's an award that says, "Look at this awesome blog! There's a wealth of information here! If you visit once, you'll want to return again and again." In other words, it's like discovering a pot of gold.

Today's award goes out to Susanna Leonard Hill, author of at least nine picture books. Her blog is very community-driven. She hosts lots of fun weekly features. On Mondays, Oh, Susanna (pronounced like banana, not piranha) answers questions about the writing industry. There are often great discussions going on about agents, critique groups and the like. Would You Read It? is featured every Wednesday. Writers send Susanna their pitches for book mss they've written and they get put on Susanna's blog for her readers to vote on whether or not they would read such a book based on the pitch. Lot's of fun. Perfect Picture Book Friday is on - you guessed it - every Friday! As a community of writers, we are all working hard to develop a usable resource for teachers and parents (and other writers). The list is growing longer and longer each week. There's a topic list and an alphabetical list. A great resource! Thanks Susanna for all your hard work!

My ratings (out of 4):  Content  Design 

The Rules (you can copy and paste them):

  1. Say thank you to the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog.
  2. Post the award on your blog and link back to the WRITE WILD blog.
  3. Award FOUR bloggers this award and tell why each is a Pot-O-Gold!
  4. Share FOUR simple things about yourself regarding FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, and LUCK.
Keep on keepin' on...


  1. That's a nice award you've invented. Her blog sounds really interesting. I'll go check it out.

  2. I can't think of anyone more deserving of an award than Susanna. She is awesome.

    Her April Fool, Phyllis! is currently making its way all over the US and various other places in the world -- such great fun!

  3. Same as Beth, Susanna is the best blogger!

  4. Christie, thank you so much! I am honored to receive your award! Thank you for your very kind words about my blog (and thanks also to Beth and Catherine!) You are all so nice. I couldn't do it without the support I get from all of you! My post for tomorrow is long already, so I have acknowledged the award but probably not posted on it properly. Perhaps I can fit it in better on Friday... things are just a bit full at the moment with Phyllis on her travels :) But I wanted you to know I had seen this, and tell you how much I appreciate it. Thanks to you - the original Pot 'Gold Blogger!!!


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