Saturday, June 2, 2012

Goodbye, Stories...

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ANNOUNCEMENT: This just in (beep, beep, beep) WRITE WILD will no longer have the feature called   "Pass-the-Paper". My former schedule looked like this:

MON: Story Elements
WED: Read-4-Luck (PPBF)
SAT: changes weekly...
1st-High Five Interview
2nd-Pot-O-Gold Award
3rd-Pass the Paper Stories
4th-Contest Winners...
...and Announcements

Pass-the-Paper was fun while it lasted, but I never got a large enough crowd going to have anything come from it. Take a look:
  1. 7-17-10  Tabitha Loves to Dance CLOSED 10-1-11 (11 comments)
  2. 7-24-10  Fred's Bike CLOSED 9-25-11 (15 comments)
  3. 8-28-10  Janelle in the Candy Shop CLOSED 3-4-11 (9 comments)
  4. 10-15-11 I Love the Smell of Skunk CLOSED 12-31-11 (9 comments)
  5. 2-18-12 Leonard the Pig CLOSED 3-23-12 (19 comments)
  6. 3-24-12 The Picnic Party NOW OPEN (you are welcome to please help finish the story)
See? Story 1 took nearly 14 months to finish. Story 2 took 14 months. Story 3 took 6 months. Story 4 took 2.5 months. Story 5 took 5 weeks. And story 6? Well, it's been 2 months and it's still not finished. I just don't have enough participants to keep it as an ongoing feature. So, I've changed my schedule up quite a bit. Here's the new one:

MON 1: High Five Interview
MON 2: Pot-O-Gold Award
MON 3: Poetry Monday
MON 4: Contest Winners...
...and Announcements
WED: Story Elements
FRI: Read-4-Luck (PPBF)

So instead of having posts on Mon, Wed, Sat, I'm going back to Mon, Wed, Fri, but rearranging it a bit. Today is June 2nd, the first Saturday of the month. Normally, I would have my HIGH FIVE interview featured today, but I'm shifting it over to the first Monday of the month, which will be this Monday, June 4. Please come back and be inspired by my first ever interview with an author/illustrator! See you then!


  1. I'm sorry Pass The Paper didn't work out. It was a really fun idea, but a little hard to keep track of. Maybe that's why the stories took so long to finish. Looking forward to your interview Monday!

  2. That seems a shame but I can see why you stoppdd. You have a lot of feature posts already. I'll miss them, maybe I could have pass the poem lol.

  3. Keep in mind, you can still finish that final lonely story! (Oh, I do so need some attention over here...) See? Don't you hear it crying for you?


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