Monday, September 24, 2012

Research Makes a Difference

Politics and literature. Voting or writing. Research makes a difference. If you're writing a novel set in the 1800's, you better have enough research done to back up your character's decisions. The reader needs to feel that the setting is believable. If you're writing a nonfiction picture book, your facts need to have verifiable resources. No teacher wants to inadvertently be teaching a child that a kangaroo is not a marsupial.

Just as in writing, there's a certain amount of research that should go into voting as well. If you think you know who you're going to vote for during the upcoming presidential election, I only ask one thing of you as a fellow citizen. Please do your research, at least a little. And don't rely on other people's opinions, especially the media. That's like using Wikipedia as your go-to source for writing a book about the holocaust, or any other subject for that matter. At the very least, please go directly to each of the candidate's websites.

I did. And I was surprised at what I found. I went to the one I thought I might vote for, and continued to be solid in that decision...until I checked out the other candidate's site. I was surprised at how thorough the information was presented. I was impressed! I feel like I did my research. I know who I'm voting for! Granted, the amount of research was akin to only giving two references for a 10-page research paper. But at least I'm not voting blind. I'm not a "Wikipedia voter"! Don't let the media sway you.

Please, I implore you to check out both websites! Go straight to the source, whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, or Nonpartisan, especially if you're registered as an unaffiliated voter. Pay special attention to the levels of experience, education, history, and the plans for the future. Don't vote based on 2-3 issues you feel most strongly about. Try to look at the picture as a whole. Good luck! "See you" on election day!

P.S. No, I'm not telling you who I'm voting for...


  1. This is great. You are right -- there is a wealth of information at the sites. Thanks!

  2. Well said Christie!

    And when you vote, consider bringing your children (if you have them) along so they can learn firsthand about the voting process. Although my youngest did announce, LOUDLY, for whom I had voted in 2008, at least I was still behind the booth curtain!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Hope all goes well for each of us. My children usually do tag along.


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