Friday, November 16, 2012

Read-4-Luck: Because You Are My Baby by Sherry North

Wow! I can't believe it's been FIVE months since I last posted a Read-4-Luck book for PPBF. That's just way too long! When Susanna announced she was taking the summer off, I was a little bummed, but apparently I thought I needed to take half a year (with PPBF)! Anyway, I'm back and ready to share. 

I'm trying to simplify my blog. I know I don't blog a WHOLE lot, like every day...and that's okay. So my newest goal (for all the world to see) is to do my Read-4-Luck recommendations for PPBF every Friday, and then to follow that on Monday with my "new" Story Elements feature. Wednesdays are reserved for Whatever. Hey! Whatever Wednesdays! That has a nice ring to it. Well, it's for contest announcements, contest winners, High Five Interviews, and Pot-O-Gold Blogger Awards, among other things, maybe. Or maybe it could be Mixed-Up Mondays, and keep the Story Elements on Wednesdays. Anyway, I'm just glad to join PPBF again. So let's get started, shall we?

READ-4-LUCK acts as a book recommendation, book review, teaching tip, and writing lesson for children, parents, teachers, and writers. This fun weekly feature began back in October 2010 and is still going strong 

 = Not bad. Might read twice.
 = Fun read first few times. Would get from library again.
 = Very enjoyable. Wouldn't mind owning a copy.
 = Awesome! Multiple readings are never tiresome. May just have to buy it.

This week's Read-4-Luck pick is Because You Are My Baby by Sherry North.

"Lists wonderful ways a parent, whether a rock star or a geologist, could demonstrate love for a child."

Illustrator: Marcellus Hall
Publisher: Abrams Books
Year: 2008
Word Count: 310
Age: 1-6
TopicTheme: love, careers/ love
Resources: see "Teachers" below

The beautiful watercolor illustrations and short rhyming text definitely hold younger children's attention. Older readers may not ask for this book over and over again. My 8-y-o doesn't. My 5-y-o still loves it. Perfect for 2-4!

I love it! I own it! The rhyme is beautiful. The pictures are gorgeous. I never got tired of reading this one. So sweet. The language keeps it real.

A great intro for any career day unit. Second and third grade, even. There are 13 wonderful jobs listed. Could even be an intro to a rhyming unit. Hey, the two could even be combined! Picture books are perfect for unit or lesson introductions. If I had my own classroom (or could get paid to homeschool) I would use them every day for lessons, and poetry too!

Rhyme? YES! Couplets? YES! Short? YES! Need an example? Here you go! Seriously, the language is so beautiful. 

Be sure to check back Monday for the next installment in Story Elements, #9 Rhyme! You'll get to peek into the book and see several of Sherry North's lyrical lines.

What's YOUR favorite Mommy/Lovey book? This is just one of the many I own. 

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. Great to have you back with us on PPB Fridays, Christie! Hey, I'll be popping back on Monday for the related post -great idea!

    I have a favorite daddy/Lovey book, Guess How Much I love you by Sam McBratney

  2. The cover illo looks lovely. Would like to hear the opening line though. Can't say I have a favorite, but I really liked Hush Little Baby which aCarrie reviewed a couple of weeks ago:

  3. Thanks, Joanna. Looking forward to Monday.

    Julie, the opening line will be on Monday's post. Hope to see you there! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I love that you're thinking out of the box and seeing a valid use for a bedtime picture book in a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom. Good job!

  5. Glad to see you return to PPBF. Very creative use of this book for other age groups. Sounds like a very lovely book!

  6. What a beautiful book. I'll have to pick this up for my three-year-old.

  7. This book looks lovely, Christie! Thanks for sharing it and glad to see you back at PPBF :)

  8. I like In Grandma's Arms - it makes me snuggle thinking about my babies and my mommy.


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