Friday, March 22, 2013

CONTEST: About a Week Left

About a week left for two things: the Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest, AND to get my house back in order. The washing machine flooded and we had to get new flooring in three rooms! The laundry room, the bathroom, and my office. Yikes! It's been two weeks and so far the laundry room is back in order (minus washing all the linens and getting them back on the shelves). A new vanity for the bathroom being installed today. 

Hopefully we'll get the furniture back in the office this weekend. We took the opportunity to also paint each room (sienna orange, sandy tan, and teal, respectively). I am excited about rearranging the furniture in my office. It will look so much better and even have more room. We're replacing 2 desks with 1 desk. It will unfortunately take me the better part of 6-8 weeks to get all my books organized back on the bookshelves. Anyway, today's post is a reminder about the contest that's all about YOU!!! 

The WINTER Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest closes March 31st. If you haven't gotten your entry in yet, it's not too late. Simply follow these instructions and e-mail your favorite manuscript. May the best story win. Good luck!!!


  1. Ugh- naughty washing machine!

    Sounds like you are making the best of it and feathering your nest for Spring!

  2. We sure are trying to make the best of it. It feels like an ongoing challenge. I'm working on the bathroom tonight!

  3. I'm one of the A-Z Minions and just wanted to stop by to say hello. I'm glad to have found your blog, it's great to meet you. Good luck with the Challenge! :)

  4. Putting tile in the basement was one of the smartest things we've done. There's always a washing machine overflowing or A/C unit backing up or a water heating leaking or a koolaid explosion! Enjoy your new goodies.

  5. Nice to meet you! Can't wait to see what you'll be blogging about during this months A to Z Challenge!

    Dani @ Entertaining Interests


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