Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Read Me on Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari (NOT Google Chrome)

For some reason, one of my lovely blog follower friends got malware on their site. Then they commented on my site, and now Google Chrome browser (my favorite) won't let you read any posts on my blog. Won't let me even GO to my blog from Chrome. So, if you see my title, please use another browser when reading my blog. If anyone has any thoughts, tips, or ideas on how to fix the problem, please share! I tried deleting the comment, but I don't think that fixed a thing. In the mean time, I had an interview at a school today. I'll find out Friday if I get the 6th grade Language Arts position. (I hope so!!!!!)


  1. I use Google Chrome and I'm able to read and comment on your blog. I hope the problem is fixed for both you and your blogger friend.

  2. Good luck with the job! They'd be lucky to get you.

  3. Sorry to hear that. That is awful that a simple posting of a comment can do that. I use Google Chrome and I can read your post too. Well, wishing you a brighter day. Crossing my fingers that you get the position.

  4. It seems to have gotten fixed. So weird! I certainly didn't do anything to fix it.

    I didn't get the job. I was depressed for a few hours, but I'm okay now. I think it was all about timing. The Lord knew it would be way too stressful for me RIGHT NOW. Next time, next time...


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