Sunday, February 22, 2015

DAY 9: Telephone by Mac Barnett (Dialogue)

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Welcome to DAY 9! Today's lesson is on...DIALOGUE.

Telephone by Mac Barnett
Title: Telephone
Author: Mac Barnett
Illustrator: Jen Corace
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Year: 2014
Word Count: 130
Top 10 Element: Dialogue
In this picture book a string of birds on a telephone wire play a game of telephone, with the usual mixed up results.
This book is pure dialogue. And so much fun. Anyone who's ever played this childhood game will want to read this book. Here's the first spread:

"Tell Peter: Fly home for dinner."
And the game ensues!
Hit pop flies and homers, Prop planes are for fliers, Put your wet socks in the dryer, and on and on it goes.

Today's lesson: PLAY with dialogue. Have FUN with it. See where it might lead you. In this book, it eventually leads Peter to fly back home for dinner. What about you?

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  1. This book looks adorable!! What a great concept! I love the illustrations and it's a great example of dialogue. So cute. I must check this out! :) Thanks.

  2. I love this idea for a picture book - and I'm sure kids do too, because my students are often begging to play telephone. It reminds me of one of my very favorite books that my parents read to me when I was a kid: Don't Forget the Bacon.

  3. This is such a fun book! I think every time I have played Telephone with kids, there is at least one kid who totally inverts the message just for fun - this would certainly encourage that!

  4. The dialogue in Telephone is playful just like the game.

  5. I read this book last year. It's lots of fun for kids to try to keep up with the changes!

  6. The game of telephone is an awesome way to do dialogue!

  7. What a simple concept for a children's book that works. All kids love playing this game. Of course, there is always one in the bunch (or more) who purposely mix the works up. When I was growing up we called it whisper down the lane.

  8. I loved the game of telephone as a kid...and as a parent and teacher as a tool to show how gossip and rumor can change a story around. :) And this book is so much fun.
    Thanks for encouraging us to PLAY as we write, Christie...I don't do that enough. :)

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    1. SORRY...Here's the correct link for Day 9:
      Henry's Freedom Box (PLOT)

  10. I loved the game too, but we called it 'gossip.' Mac Barnett was a genius to put in in a picture book! Thanks, Christie for the review.


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