Monday, June 20, 2016

Classic Toys for Summer

Don't you just love old toys? You know, the classic ones, that don't take batteries. With today
being the first day of summer, it just seems perfect to list these classic toys today. Imagine a room full of children, or a yard full of children, playing with some or all of these toys. What joy! Let your imagination SOAR!!! Go ahead, you can join them... You know you want to. See you at recess!

Top 40 Classic Toys for Summer || toys without batteries | dandelions are toys too | be a kid forever

  • the Rubik's Cube
  • Legos
  • Hot Wheels cars
  • kites
  • jacks
  • marbles
  • spinning tops
  • jump ropes
  • hula hoops
  • bubbles
  • pinwheels
  • string (yes, string! Jacob's Ladder, anyone?)
  • Silly String (I couldn't resist...)
  • harmonica
  • kazoo
  • drums
  • maracas
  • tambourines
  • dolls
  • rocking horse
  • tricycle
  • bicycle
  • trading cards
  • puzzles
  • frisbee
  • balls (soccer, basketball, football)
  • bouncy balls
  • beach balls
  • coloring books
  • kaleidoscopes
  • stuffed animals
  • board games
  • outdoor games (Freeze Tag)
  • sidewalk chalk
  • water guns
  • even DANDELIONS!!!
  • craft sticks and yarn (Remember making those God's Eyes?)
  • sticks (pirate sword, magic wand, or just whittle it)
  • boxes (a big ship, a race car, or a castle!)
  • BOOKS (technically, I know it's not a TOY, but why not?! It might as well be!)

What's YOUR favorite summer time toy?

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. How about a garden hose? We had tons of fun with the garden hose in the back yard as kids! And of course I remember playing with dandelions. "Mama had a baby and its head POPPED off!" (how horrible is that? LOL)

    1. Definitely the water hose!!! What kid would not say that it's a toy?! My kids play with our water hose all the time!


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