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Monday, February 19, 2018

You Know You're a Writer Who Runs [5 of 10]

When Food Doesn't Matter Anymore

I love food. Don't we all? I'm not the type of person who willingly skips breakfast (unless it's for spiritual reasons and I'm praying for guidance). Needless to say, I also love to write and to run. It's almost a classic case of "rock, paper, scissors" only not quite. Just read the humor, already...

Would You Rather Write or Run?

Some days I write. Some days I run. In a perfect world, I would do both every day. So I take turns. And sometimes, I even choose writing or running over food. *GASP!*

Would You Rather Write or Eat?

If you laughed at the "You know you're a writer..." above, then you can totally relate. Writing isn't just a hobby, it's a passion that sometimes takes over.

Sometimes, when I'm writing, my stomach screamS at me to remind me that I'm human and that my body needs sustenance. Some writers may joke about "playing God" with all the worlds full of characters they create.

But we really are human and food must creep into our bodies at some point during the writing journey.

Would You Rather Run or Eat?

Usually, eat! I have to eat for energy so that I CAN run. So then the question might become, "Would you rather eat or rest (after the run)?"

I usually eat a little something before a long run, maybe even something during the run, but afterwards? Depending on how long the run was, it's possible I would rather crash. Too tired.

You know you want to eat, and you would if someone put some food in front of you, but if nobody was there to help you out, you'd have to crawl to the kitchen to get to where the food is. Sounds like too much effort. Hey, I mean, if I had just ran 18 miles, I deserve to lie supine pretending to die, right? The cereal will still be in the cupboard when I return to the land of the living.

Has this ever happened to you? Share in the comments!

Keep on keepin' on...


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