Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Plot Summary of Comes a Wind by Linda Arms White

Plot Arc Library: Picture Book Outline #1

This is the first official installment of a picture book outline for my new Plot Arc Library. Comes a Wind is a children's picture book written by Linda Arms White and illustrated by Tom Curry.


While visiting their mother's ranch, two brothers who constantly try to best each other swap tall tales about big winds are surprised by the fiercest wind they have ever seen.

Picture Book Outline for Comes a Wind by Linda Arms White || Plot Arc Library, christiewrightwild.com

Plot Point 1: The Signup (aka the catalyst)

Mama wrote her two sons a letter inviting them over to celebrate her birthday -- with one birthday wish: for them to get along and "stop squabblin'"

Plot Point 2: The Gunshot (aka the point of no return)

After the wind picks up when Mama heads in the house to fetch some lemonade, Clement says, "Looks like it comes a wind."

Clyde starts the squabblin' by saying... "You call that a wind? Why, one day it was so windy..."

And the trouble ensues.

Plot Point 3: The Halfway Point (aka the midpoint)

Mama returns with the lemonade and goes back in for the cake. More tall tales are told. And then... the sky turns a dusty red as the wind picks up and cows start flying.

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Plot Point 4: The Wall (aka rock bottom)

Mama returns with the cake and is blown over the barn. The wind stops and she lands on top of the weather vane.

Plot Point 5: The Finish Line (aka the climax)

Clement and Clyde work together to rescue Mama and they finally agree:

"Now that--" said Clement.
"--was a wind!" said Clyde.

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  1. Oh, I love how you have broken down the plot arc. Thanks! It does help me when I can see the arc in an actual picture book.

    1. I'm so glad you found it helpful, Angie! I plan on creating more, so stay tuned.


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