Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Outline Your Story in Less than a Month

Plot Like A Novelist

Many writers struggle with plotting their novels, books, and stories. If there was ever a writer who never struggled with plotting a story, I want to meet them! Plotting your novel doesn't have to be difficult, but it still takes effort.

There are some pretty big struggles with outlining a novel or plotting a story.

If you’re new to writing and have never outlined before, you might find that when you write by the seat of your pants, you run out of steam before you figure out where to take your story next.

If you’re finally catching on to plotting, but you wish there were something simpler than trying to figure out all the pressure points, pinch points, push points, plot points, and turning points, you’re in luck because the PLOT LIKE A NOVELIST is waaaaay easier!

If you've written a complete novel just to find out that it HAS NO PLOT and now you have to start all over and you don’t know where to begin, then I have a map that will ensure you have a plot that contains proper cause-and-effect events.

If you've ever tried NaNoWriMo, and failed, maybe this is why. Heck, even if you succeeded, are you STILL revising? Maybe there are some major plot holes that need to be fixed.


Lesson 1.1: Four Fundamentals of Story
Lesson 1.2: 26.2 Miles of a Marathon
Lesson 1.3: Five Main Plot Points

With five modules, you’ll learn all the necessary pieces to create a functional plot for your story. The eleven parts of a basic story arc will keep you on the right track, but still allow plenty of room for your imagination to roam.


Lesson 2.1: Pre-Race Life
Lesson 2.2: The Signup
Lesson 2.3: Second Thoughts
Lesson 2.4: The Gunshot

With the Marathon Method of Plotting, your framework is taken care of for you. The pacing falls into place and the characters’ goals, wants, and needs are woven into the actions of the story.


Lesson 3.1: Pit Stops
Lesson 3.2: The Halfway Point
Lesson 3.3: Runner’s High
Lesson 3.4: The Wall

This is the bulk of your novel. I'll even take you through some popular books and show you how the masters do it.


Lesson 4.1: Final Sprint
Lesson 4.2: The Finish Line
Lesson 4.3: After Party

In my opinion, this the most efficient and easiest to understand course on how to plot a novel.


Lesson 5.1: Writing Your Novel Synopsis
Lesson 5.2: Sticking to a Schedule

We’ll even discuss the things most courses completely ignore. Things like fear of not being good enough, feeling overwhelmed, how to stay motivated, being confident in your work, structuring a work schedule, procrastination, and rejection. You know... mindset!

Learn How to Plot Like a Novelist

This course goes through lots of examples to see how plot works in real stories. It's not a bunch of fluffy, high-falutin' philosophies.

Prepare yourself to write your novel by taking a few weeks to get your story straight from the very beginning. The best results happen when you work consistently and incrementally through the lessons and you can go at your own pace.

When you join the wait list, you'll get invited to the next 5-Day Challenge or Webinar.

Keep on keepin' on...


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