Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Plot Synopsis of Brave

Disney’s movie, Brave, is a story about a family torn apart by pride and sewed back together through bravery and love.

In this installment of the Plot Arc Library, I bring you the five main plot points of Brave.

The Signup

The first main plot point of this story is when Merida’s parents announce her upcoming betrothal.

Without this plot point, there would be no story. There would be no race to run. Merida did not want the other clans to come. She did not want to get married. She wasn’t ready. She wanted to change this fate imposed upon her.

The Gunshot

The second plot point is when Merida runs away in an effort to change her fate. She follows the wisps deeper into the forest.

At this point, Merida’s journey has begun. She is running a marathon to reach her goal.

The Halfway Point

The third plot point of Brave comes after Merida’s mother is turned into a bear and they go looking for the witch’s cottage so Merida’s mother can be turned back into a human. They meet the legendary mean bear.

Merida begins to understand the witch’s words of caution. She starts thinking of ways that she can break the spell.

The Wall

This fourth plot point is when Merida’s father locks in her room with the tapestry after her mom leaves.

This is Merida’s lowest point. She is all alone and feels helpless and unable to act.

The Finish Line

Of course, this plot point is where I have to issue a SPOILER ALERT. Brave ends with Merida’s mother getting turned back into herself. Both of them have changed as a result of going through this journey.

Finally, Merida’s fate has changed. They understand each other better and they have a much deeper connection.

Of course, there are many, many other things that happen throughout this story, but ultimately, these are the main five plot points that frame the structure of this story.

Be brave and plot on, my friend!

If you've seen Brave, what's your favorite scene? Share your comment here.

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