Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Are You Good Enough to Be a Writer?

To write or not to write? That is the question. One of a writer’s biggest fears or roadblocks is wondering if they are good enough to be a writer. While some people may try to discourage you, I say, “Go for it!” There’s only three things you need to be a writer.

You LIKE to Write

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been writing since you were a child. Writing makes you feel good. There are things we do because we have to. And then there are things we do because we want to. Writing, I hope, is the latter for you. 

If you like to write, whether or not you actually do any writing, makes you good enough to be a writer. Or at least in the very beginning. Because wanting to write is half the battle. But you won’t get any better at writing if you never do it.

If you go to a writing conference, workshop, or retreat, you will definitely be inspired to keep writing. So if you like to write, do it! And remember, you are good enough.


You DO Write

Writing, like anything else, takes practice. It takes a lifetime to master your craft. If you take the time to write, even if it’s sporadic, or only once a month, then you’re good enough to be a writer. Because you’re actually doing it!

Doing something you love, like writing, makes it easier to take the criticism. Critiques are pretty much necessary as a writer to become better. You might have a good cry after your first one, but it will make you a better writer.

You’re Willing to Learn and Put in the Work

So you call yourself a writer? If you like to write and you take the time to write, then you can call yourself a writer. And the best part? You don’t even have to be good at it!

Yes, taking the time to put words on paper will make you a better writer. But eventually you’ll want to take your writing to the next level. Aside from merely writing a lot.

Ever heard of continuing education classes or being a lifelong learner? Yep, writers do it too! Read books, buy craft books, take writing classes, join a critique group. Do “all the things” to take yourself seriously as a writer and to learn from everyone you meet in the industry. 

If you ever get to the point where you think you know it all, you don’t. Nobody does. Keep writing. Remind yourself why you love it. And always continue to learn and grow. Because you are good enough to be a writer.

QUESTION: What’s one of your favorite craft books? Not one that’s popular that you only know of because everybody talks about it, but one you’ve actually read and used. Share your comment here.

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  1. I recently bought Save the Cat Writes a Novel and I wish I'd bought it years ago because it's so helpful.

  2. I have two. I just read Wild Things: The Joy of Reading Children's Literature as an Adult. It isn't a craft book per se, but a journey through historical gems of kidlit. For me it was a powerful reminder of how important it is to write emotion in your work. The other is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book is magical and holds a place of honor in my bedside drawer. Be prepared for the muse to visit while reading.

  3. “Thunder and Lightening” by Natalie Goldberg means so much to me as a craft book!


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