Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To a Higher Standard

Declaring my goals "aloud" to others helps hold me to a higher standard. Today, I actually started typing my proposal. I got the skeleton entered. If I had typed it a couple of months ago when I was in the middle of inspiration, I might actually be able to remember where I wrote it all out. My ancient chicken scratch may require a decoding tool to help me decipher all the notes. At least I got started, which is good because my excitement for the project has been rekindled. Life is good, though I often feel like a squirrel that changes direction so rapidly that a car never knows if it will end up hitting it or not. At least they have direction; they're just easily side-tracked by all the acorns on the ground. Too many to get all at once. So if I just focus, really make an effort to work under one tree at a time, I know I will finally get all my projects ready to submit. So far, there are 5 that have been written. I just have to make them really pretty (revise, write queries and the like). There are two more that are ready to be typed, but I am forcing myself to wait until the first 5 have been mailed out. And my latest wip is about the toothfairy - but trust me, it is very different!

Here are the sections of my proposal:
About the Author
Series Outline
Book Summaries

What did you accomplish today?

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