Friday, June 11, 2010

Let's Get Froggy

I love animals. One animal my husband and I like to refer to is frogs. When we get motivated to do yard work, house work, or to accomplish any type of goal, be it fitness, exercise, diet, a trip, or to prepare a big dinner, we say, "Wow! You got froggy!"

Let's Get Froggy || motivation | Just Do It | working toward a goal | writing tip

It feels good to get froggy. Last Saturday, I finally put a story of mine on a powerpoint presentation for some of the classrooms I work in. The essence of being froggy is the feeling of accomplishment. Not just goal setting or having determination, but actually working hard at it!

When I work hard at something and jump high, I can see and feel the results of my effort right before my eyes. I already revised my latest story from one critique. I was froggy.

When there is something you want to get done, but yet you feel like procrastinating, ask yourself why. You know it's an awesome project, so get froggy about it. You will feel awesome when you work toward your goals. Have the determination of a frog that wants to eat a fly for dinner. So, let's get FROGGY!!!

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