Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Glass Bottle Tree by Evelyn Coleman

This book has special meaning for me. The author is the first picture book author I have ever met. I bought this book at a conference in Augusta, Georgia. She signed it for me, of course. I love to read it because it gives me hope. She said that I will no doubt go on to become a great author. But her words sound a lot better.

The book is about a girl who lives with her grandma and they have a glass bottle tree in their yard, a custom often observed in the deep south. The state folk come to try to take the girl away and place her in a state home. I love Coleman's richly lyrical language. And the message of love has given me the nudge to read it many a time over the years. Definitely one of my favorite books!

The best advice I gleaned from the Sandhill Writer's Conference from Evelyn Coleman many years ago was to read, read, read. She studied books and magazines until she could mimic the patterns she most enjoyed reading. A self-taught author (as we all are, really), she succeeded in becoming published, the ultimate dream of every writer. I admire her tenacity for studying the books, which is what I aspire to do.

In fact, I have set a new goal: my aim is to read 150 picture books this summer. Monday - Friday, 3 a day. I'll even post a summary each Wednesday of my favorite book each week.

Thanks for stopping by! Do any of you have a summer reading/writing goal? Like to share?


  1. I am not only reading them, but typing them into my computer per Linda Ashman's suggestion. She said it teaches you by osmosis, plus you get a sense of word counts, etc. My goal is to type in one a day.

  2. Great goal! One a day! Perhaps I shall try the same. Thanks for sharing.


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