Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Organized

This past Saturday, I spent all day revamping my office. I was so eager for the change, that I failed to think of taking before/after pics. My office now has 3 desks in it. One desk is home to the desktop computer. My husband uses that one. The other desk is for my personal life, bills, things to be filed, book catalogues, etc. My third desk is the new addition. Got it for $15 from a thrift store. I had to move all my saved collections of teaching stuff, mostly books, into boxes and put them into Shawn's new bedroom closet (I still haven't gotten a permanent teaching job). I use my new desk for my laptop and all my writing stuff. I'm still getting organized, but at least I have a plan. And this blog post is the only writing I've done all weekend.

Now that I have a place to call home (for my laptop and for my writing), all I have to do is get more organized. Then I will be able to work more efficiently on all my writing projects. I like this quote I found online, "Finding the motivation and discipline to write is much easier when you have a strategic writing plan." I also like to think of it this way. Finding the motivation and discipline to write is much easier when you have an organized and specific place to do so.

As the month of June unfolds, I look forward to being more organized and producing more writing. And since school will also be out, that will hopefully help a little too.

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