Friday, May 28, 2010


This week was our end of year standardized testing here in NC. They call it EOG for End-Of-Grade Tests. I worked as a proctor to the test administrator of a child that received one-on-one accommodations with a read aloud for math. It was very interesting. The student is a good reader, but I think having the test read aloud helped give the student a boost of confidence.

Maybe when we read our own works aloud, it can give us a boost of confidence as well. It still might be scary or nerve racking, but I guarantee you'll find something that you can change to make it better. When I read my works in progress to others, I'll pause, cross things off, and say, "I haven't fixed that part yet."

This student also spent 15 minutes going back over the test, looking at each question that had been rated a 1, 2, or 3 (and not a 4 - for knowing it was right). If I were that diligent with my revisions and knowing which parts I really needed to take a second look at, I'd be a more efficient writer. It's a good thing I have a critique group. I'm just glad we aren't tested on each other's works. ;)

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