Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Applies to Life Often Applies to Writing

Thursday's post was meant to be for Friday. Well, so is today's. You see, Saturday we had my son's 6th birthday party. Six of ten friends made it. It was a good turn out. I planned just the right amount of games and food and fun. They played with balls, bikes, and sidewalk chalk while others were still arriving. Shortly thereafter, we ate a few snacks of fruit (pineapple, strawberries, and grapes), vegetables (cucumber, carrots, and celery), tortilla chips with salsa, Doritos with cheese dip, Ruffles with French Onion dip, Cheetos, and cheddar cheese cubes. Then we played outside "recess" games for about 30 minutes. They played Red Light, Green Light; Shark Tag; Duck, Duck, Goose; What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?; and a relay race. After they were good and hot and sweaty, we came inside for cake and ice cream. Then presents. By this time, the structure was out the window and I wondered if Shawn even knew who gave him what. He did, of course. Virtually no photos were taken at this point. Then came goody bags and...the PINATA! The pinata lasted a good while. It was exciting to see how hard those kids could whack something with a big stick. When the candy was collected, the party was over, and they trickled out of our home with smiles and thank you's. Shawn said, "Thank you for coming!"

In writing, we can say, "Thank you for reading!" after our story has been thoughtfully planned, carefully crafted, and enjoyed by all in the process. I tend to do a lot of pre-writing when I write. It helps me plan for a better party. When all the characters, the action, the plot, and the resolution are planned out and put together in a fun way, the story is a success!

I didn't really plan this post out, I just thought of it yesterday after the party. So I hope it was interesting enough to read and enjoy. And thanks for reading it!

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