Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Progress with Proposal

Yesterday was my 18th wedding anniversary! I made a huge writing accomplishment, too. I finally revised my nonfiction book. I also worked on the proposal for the series. I got one of the book summaries more solidified and typed a couple of paragraphs in elsewhere. I guess my style is SLOW. Some of it is procrastination. Some of it is that I just work slow. Some of it is that I have so many projects going on at once that I often have a hard time focusing on ONE! But, I'm also a goal-setter and I WILL get them all done - eventually. Anyway, just wanted to let ya'll know that I AM still working on it, even though I haven't described what it is. Hey, we gotta have a few secrets, right?


  1. Happy anniversary! I thought I was well along the path at 10 years - lol! Congratulations on your nonfiction book revision. Can't wait to hear what it's all about!!

  2. Thank you! Not sure if I want to put it out there for the group, but I know it certainly wouldn't hurt.

    It's a religious alphabet picture book series. The first one is called T is for Temples, an LDS Alphabet Book. The second one is J is for Jesus, an LDS Alphabet Book. The third one is Z is for Zion (about pioneers and church history and such). Others are: M is for Missionaries, P is for Prophets, H is for Hymns, etc. There are 9 books for the series. I have about 20 or so publishers in mind, with one in particular that I would LOVE to work with! When I finally finish the proposal, I'm thinking of having Linda and Laura critique it for $99. What do you think?

    How did Ginny fare at the conference? Did you see my comments (even though it was too late for the big weekend)?


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