Sunday, April 17, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge

A is for please ACCEPT my APRIL APOLOGIES. B is for BLOGGING challenge. C is for CHEATING because I'm going to do it all in one post. D is for DON'T ever take a blogging break. E is for EFFORT because this is going to be really difficult. F is for FRIENDS because my FRIENDS cared enough about me to be concerned and to GOOGLE my contact info to call and check on me. HOW HAPPY they were to find out that everything was okay and that I am not ILL. 
J is for "JUST keep singing..." from Finding Nemo, when Dorie helps Marlin go deep into the abyss to retrieve the scuba diving mask. K is for KEEP on KEEPIN' on, my motto. L is for don't be a LAZY bones LIKE me. M is for MAKE writing a priority in your life. N is for NO, I can't do it all. O is for don't OMIT your OWN writing from your schedule. P is for PRIORITIZE. 

Q is for QUIT making excuses because you are QUITE POSSIBLY the most important writer you will ever know. REST assured that us writers will RALLY together for the REST of our lives.

S is for SLEEPING Bear Press. Two books especially:

  1. S is for STORY: A Writer's Alphabet, and...
  2. B is for Bookworm: A Library's Alphabet
T is for TEACH because writers love to TEACH about their craft, about a nonfiction TOPIC, or to share a memorable character. T is also for TOMORROW because U is for UNFINISHED. I will continue the journey with the rest of YOUUUUUU later...

Keep on keepin' on...

I haven't forgotten about my HIGH FIVE debut spotlight for April. Coming soon...!!! Who do you think it will be?


  1. I've considered wrapping up the A-Z challenge with a post like this. Dori will be in my head all day now...

  2. Oh, how cute to do it all in one. Love it ;)

  3. LOL! What a great way to do a stress-free A-Z blogging challenge. I should have thought of this!

  4. Awesome, I wondered what was happening over here. Glad you're okay. Happy Easter!


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