Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Venus, Mars, and Jupiter...Verbatim

Alien Space Alien 154When I was a child, I wrote a 10-page hard cover book in school, complete with color illustrations. I was probably in the 4th grade. If you want a laugh, then keep reading:
The Poem and How It Came to Be
One day at school, my friend told me about the moon people. Of course I didn't believe her, but...eventually she said that it was true. 
On the night of February 14, 1929, Valentines Day, I saw the moon people.  
The night was clear and fresh, with the smell of perfume in the air. I was coming home from a blind date and that is when I saw the Marshans on Mars (moon people). I got in bed and slept until my alarm clock rang in the morning at seven O' clock. 
At school I told my friend and she said, "See, I told you so!" I asked her if they were green or purple and if they were green or purple and if they make good companions. 
She said, "They are ORANGE and they DO make good companions." 
On the way home the two ninth graders walked home together and talked about the Marshans on Mars, or rather, the Moon People. 
They made up a poem which says: "Girls go Mars and get more candy bars while Boys are at Jupiter getting more stupider! 
They laughed and giggled until they would burst with laughter while walking home from school. 
And, that is the story of how that poem came to be. The End!
Verbatim, punctuation and all. Pretty good for a fourth grader, but hilarious to me now! Martians. Tense change. And so much more... I was thinking of a V word and thought of Venus. After getting the book out, I discovered Venus isn't even mentioned in the little story. I guess I was thinking of another book, Mars and Venus in the Bedroom. But that's for another day...
Any memories of your childhood writings you'd like to share?
Keep on keepin' on...


  1. Awesome Christie, I love the line about girls and Mars and boys and Jupiter. That's so typical of that age to have that opinion.

    I wrote early stories about frogs and one about chickens. I love the illos I did with them the best lol!

  2. Thanks, Catherine. My 4th grade teacher, Ms. Bickford, always gave us three things to write a story about. Like a frog, a pencil, and cotton candy. I always loved those assignments!

  3. cool! you were obviously very creative even way back then. :D


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