Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sacrifices for Writing

This month's Pot-O-Gold Blogger Award goes out to the lovely Julie Hedlund at what used to be Write Up My Life. Now, her website and blog has grown by leaps and bounds. Writers, musicians, painters, actors, etc. (when just starting out) are often told "Don't quit your day job..." Well, that's just what Julie Hedlund DID do, quit her day job. The subtitle for her blog is "Reckless giver-upper of 'real' career to pursue dream of writing."

Julie takes her readers on a nice ride. A ride that pauses at every stop along the way toward publication. She attends conferences and leaves notes. She shares insights about her writing journey and offers wisdom by pointing to where she has been, whether it be books she's read or articles online that teach about an aspect of the writing process. Her series, "How I Got My Agent," shares how picture book authors found an agent to represent their picture books. To date, she has interviewed three savvy authors and shared a plethora of knowledge. UPDATE: As of March 2014, there are 11 stories of how these authors got their agents.

If you haven't met Julie yet, go check out her blog. You're sure to spend several hours reading fun material and getting to know her. I, myself, feel doubly blessed that Julie happens to also be a member of my own personal critique group. I love following her story. To me, the most intriguing part is that she quit her day job, the ultimate sacrifice (in a way). Congratulations, Julie, on being June's recipient for the Pot-O-Gold Blogger Award!
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What kind of sacrifices have you or do you make for your writing?

Keep on keepin' on...

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  1. Yay well deserved Julie. You are a solid consistent writer and friend.


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