Monday, September 12, 2011

Being a Productive Writer

Writers always face distractions. My worst enemy and best friend is the Internet. When I'm researching, connecting with other writers, blogging, checking e-mails, buying books, I love, love, love the Internet. But when I'm trying to actually WRITE, I hear a little voice in my head tempting me to go here and go there. And I usually do. Bad, bad, bad for the muse. Internet = ZERO writing productivity. Until...

...I discovered LazyMeter, a web tool to help focus your energy. I am a huge list maker. This tool is a way to have an online list. I open it, add my (writing only) to-do's and leave it in the background. Then I attack it with a vengeance. One thing or twenty-one things. It's awesome. It really does help me to focus what I'm doing. I think more about writing when I use it.

Another tactic I've tried in the past and can be helpful for longer writing sessions (say maybe a chapter in a novel) is to use the twitter hashtag #amwriting when you begin and end a writing session. It helps you be more accountable. And you can chat with your buddies about how productive you were when you're all finished.

So go be productive. Sign up for LazyMeter today! (It's free!)

What have you tried to help boost your writing productivity? (besides chocolate...)

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. As a procrastinator extraordinaire, I love the sound of this!

    I also love your blog - thanks for visiting my blog so I could find yours!

  2. Oooh! I like the sound of this!
    A friend of mine uses something (I forget the name) that turns the internet off of your computer for any amount of time you set.
    Now, how about a sample list so I can see what I should be doing besides visiting my friends' blogs :)

  3. When I wake up early, I write. When I sleep late theres no time so I loose out. Used to be I'd write three pages in the morning no matter what. those days are gone but i may call them back. they were useful for writing. I've also used the timer but that's not as useful.

  4. Elizabeth - Welcome! Procrastinators unite!

    Susanna - Definitely great for list makers. Have to still be on the internet, though. LazyMeter makes me stay focused on what needs to get done, though. But it still takes a great deal of dedication on my part.

    Clar - I think a timer might be useful when I only have 30 minutes or so. I tend to say, "What?! You mean I only have 30 minutes to write?!" To avoid the dilemma of not writing anything at all, I could set a timer and say, "Okay, just write for 10 minutes, then." But then I always run the risk of actually writing 30 full minutes. At bedtime, that's critical for me because I end up going an hour, no two, no three hours! Oops, there went my 7 hours of sleep and my morning workout, too. Well, we writers have to sacrifice something to get the writing done, don't we?

  5. I hadn't seen this yet! But I am an avid list maker so I'm going to check it out. Thanks for posting!


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