Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pass the Paper: Earthquakes Travel Through Time

It's the third Saturday of the month, and that means it's time to Pass the Paper!

I base this on the activity sometimes done in school or at camp.  One person begins a story (either on paper, or aloud) and the next person adds to it.  Participants continue to go around the room until everyone has had a turn.  If the story doesn't feel finished, go a bit further until it gets an ending, even if it IS goofy.  But, then that's the fun of it. Just click on a link to get to a story. Then add a comment to add to the story. It's that simple!

Pass the paper with me today! Whoever ends the story (and it makes sense) will win a first-250-words critique. Lets see if we can give Fred a happy ending today.

BEGIN HERE:  Fred rode his bicycle up and down the street each afternoon after school.  One day, he stumbled upon a...

CLICK HERE TO ADD TO THE STORY Make sure you read all the comments first so you know what the story is so far.

Help me keep it keepin' on... 'er get it to the end zone, I mean.

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