Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Helps Prepare for PiBoIdMo

With all the Fall festivities and Trick-or-Treating galore, I find the scheduling of parties and events preparing me for the rigors of PiBoIdMo (Picture Book Idea Month). Not for the ability to receive creativity, but for the daily assignments of reading, writing, thinking, planning, and creating. Good thing PiBoIdMo is in November. See ya'll there!


  1. What is PiBoldMo????

    Good luck with whatever it is. :D

  2. I had such a laugh looking at the other entries for the pumpkin carving at my son's school. We just didn't get it at all. We did a simple carving with one tooth in the mouth it was so cute. But compared with the others with additional extras like wigs etc ours looked pathetic. Just wait till next year though ;)
    Agree all this organising is going to good use for PiBoldMo. Have a super Halloween!

  3. Stina, PiBoIdMo is Picture Book Idea Month. It is hosted by Tara Lazar at her blog for the entire month of November. Meant to inspire us to get new ideas. Free goodies and giveaways, too. We picture book writers love those, too!

    Catherine, I bet next year that you knock the socks off the other pumpkins!

  4. Have a good PiBoIdMo! I wish I could think up a good PB idea...

  5. Yeah, me too! So far, we're seven days in and I haven't thought of a single one! I'm waiting for the explosion to happen. Off to do a bit of digging. Wish me luck...


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