Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pass the Paper #4: I Love the Smell of Skunk

Here's story #4 for our Pass the Paper the fun. Let's see how well we do during the coming month. The more the merrier!

"Mmm..." Jared plunked down at the breakfast table and inhaled his cup of morning java. "Nothing like a good cup o' Joe to start off a Friday full of tests."

Jared's little sister whined, "Why do you insist on stinking up the house with your cheap skunky coffee?"

"I love the smell of skunk! It reminds me of my coffee."

"Well, I don't. Do you think it will actually..."

Disclaimer: I don't drink coffee, but sometimes it DOES smell of skunk.

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Skunk pet


  1. "...taste like Skunk too? Ooh Yum, you're drinking a skunk. Hey everyone! Jared drinks skunk juice and eats worms."

    Jared scowled and when he opened his mouth, his little sister shrieked.

  2. She ran outside into the backyard. Jared chased after her yelling, "I'm gonna get you, you little pipsqueak!"

    He had almost caught up with her when she stopped short, her mouth wide open.

    Jared looked. He couldn't believe his eyes.

  3. Not five feet away an ACTUAL skunk stared them down, and Jared did not like the look in its eyes!

    "Quick!" he whispered to the pipsqueak. "Get...."

  4. ...the wagon! If we give him a ride maybe he will always stay here and be our pet and never ever spray us!

  5. But he knew that was ridiculous; said it only for Debbie Downer’s sake; his little sister never HAD trusted any animal. No, not since Horace the hamster had bitten off the top of her pinky finger when she’d been three-yrs-old, and then there’d been that incident with the giraffe at the zoo during the school trip, the one that’d seen her have hair restorative surgery at a tragically young age. But no, if hr could only pretend to get the skunk to go with them, perhaps he could train it into spraying into his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom window on the odd occasion. Of course he knew that was wrong, but hadn’t he been taught to do unto others as they’d done unto you? And yeah, maybe it wasn’t a skunk Penelope had used to stink up his room that time when he'd dumped her, but everybody knows what she’d collected in that bottle that had come crashing through his bedroom window sticks around forever. But then again, tragedy followed Debbie everywhere she went, he thought, maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all, why, the skunk would probably...

  6. ...spray his sister as soon as she tried to pick it up. But then again, Jared already knew that.

    His sister, smarter than she looked, said, "Jared, are you crazy? The wagon? Do you think I'm still eight?"

    "Well, it IS still in the garage. What do think we should do?"

    " about slowly back up, then turn and run?"

    "Yeah, pipsqueak. If we're lucky we'll be able to catch the bus before it sprays us."

    When they took off running, all Jared could think about was his coffee. If he'd been able to drink the full cup, he would have been able to run faster. All this running was going to use up his brain power for his trig test.

    When the heard the bus creaking down the hill to the bus stop,...

  7. they sighed with relief. But that was short-lived when they saw who was driving the bus. Or should I say what was driving the bus.

    Jared held everyone back and said, "Let me ...

  8. deal with this."

    Jared hid his coffee mug behind his back and grinned at the driver of the bus...

  9. "Good morning,Ms.Peckenpaugh,"said Jared,in his most pleasant tone. She glared at him through her over sized black rimmed glasses."Are you getting on the bus or not? I don't have all day!" As they begin to board the bus,Ms.Peckenpaugh grumbled,"What's that behind your back?" "It's only my morning cup of coffee," Jared pleaded. She raised an overgrown eyebrow and Jared sighed. He turned around and placed his cup of coffee in the grass at the base of the hill. He re-boarded the bus and sat next to his sister. Jared looked back at his cup of coffee,his mouth agape. "I guess it was skunk coffee after all,"his sister said. As the bus drove away,they watched the skunk lap up Jared's morning cup of coffee.

  10. Wonderful! I look forward to a new story for th enew year. Happy New Year Christie!


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