How to Write Like a Professional

How to Write Like a Professional
6 Surprising Mistakes That Make Writers Look Like Amateurs... and How to Avoid Them

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D: Dare to Face Your Fears

D is for Dare to face your fears.

As writers, it can sometimes be scary to face our fears, whether they be fears of the past or of the present. But our fears help us write better. And writing about our fears, or at least the feeling of facing them, allows us to better connect with our readers. If we can allow readers to better understand life by sharing our feelings with them, then we have succeeded as a writer. Dare to dream big. Face those fears and get back to your writing!

I know my clues are kind of wonky, but if you stick with it, I really think you'll be able to figure out the secret message by the end of the month. See you tomorrow!

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. Facing our fears definitely makes for a better writer, especially when you challenge yourself to overcome them. This might be as simple as taking a workshop to deal with a weakness that you fear is holding you back. And since we are supposed to write about characters overcoming their fears, this is an incentive to overcome our own. :)

  2. The fear of never finishing is a big one for me.

    Happy A to Z-ing!


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