Friday, February 1, 2013

Story Element #8: PATTERNS

Story Element #8: PATTERNS
1, 2, 3, A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, A, B, C. Patterns, patterns, everywhere! Welcome to the PATTERNS PAGE of Story Elements, where you'll learn everything from rules of 3 and repetition to cycles and more. There are days of the week patterns, monthly patterns, daily patterns... Picture books with patterns are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

So pick a number and start a pattern. A, B, B, A, B, B...
  1. Big Chickens by Leslie Helakoski and Henry Cole
  2. My Big Dog by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel
  3. The Monstore by Tara Lazar
  4. I Wanna New Room by Karen Kaufman Orloff
  5. The House That George Built by Suzanne Slade
Examples submitted from the PB 14:14 in 2014 participants:


  1. Here's a great link that share's 8 ways writers use patterns in their writing, though some are more suitable for other elements, such as character and rhyme.

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