Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for great

Here we are at week two. If you know the book I'm using, just say something like this in the comments: I know the boo-ook, I know the boo-ook! But don't say which book it is, YET!
...great deal," though Milo.
"At one time I was able to listen to any sound made any place at any time," the Soundkeeper remarked, pointing towards toe radio wall, "but now I merely--"
"Pardon me," interrupted Milo as the phone continued to ring, "but aren't you going to answer it?"
"Oh no, not in the middle of the program," she replied, and turned the silence up a little louder.
"But it may be important," insisted Milo.
"Not at all," she assured him; "it's only me. It gets so lonely around here, with no sounds to distribute or collect, that I call myself seven or eight times a day just to see...

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  1. yes, I know the book. My boys read it in their advanced talented class in fourth grade. :)


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