Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for old

...old one or a new one. Besides, I do like to collect things, and there are more sounds than almost anything else. Why, I have everything here from the buzz of a mosquito a million years ago to what your mother said to you this morning, and if you come back here in two days, I'll tell you what she said tomorrow. It's really very simple; let me show you. Say a word--any word." 
"Hello," said Milo, for that was all he could think of.
"Now where do you think it went?" she asked with a smile. 
"I don't know," said Milo, shrugging his shoulders. "I always thought that--" 
Hint: both author and illustrator have a J in their names.


  1. Interesting and creative!!

  2. Thanks. Hope you come back for the Z letter. It'll be fun!

  3. Are we supposed to put our guess in the comments or just keep the mystery going. I know what the book is.

  4. Of course you do, Rosi! Let's keep the mystery going until the Z day. Be sure to come back then to spill the beans.


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