Monday, August 26, 2013

Pet Peeves

Feel the need to vent a bit? Me too! My top three pet peeves.

Pet Peeves || just for fun | dirty laundry

  1. When I'm folding the laundry and I'm going too fast and/or my vision fails me and I turn a perfectly good right-side out shirt INSIDE OUT because I thought it was inside out to begin with! Grrr...
  2. When I'm typing and I miss the shift key at the beginning of a sentence. Three times in a row! Such a simple thing and I'm deleting back back back over and over just to get it right!
  3. When I go to pick something up and I miss. Multiple times! Why can't I just pick it up the first time!!!
And the runners up...
  1. When I use ALL CAPS, italics, and boldface type in the same blog post. Can't I just pick ONE, one, one and stick with it?
  2. When I'm talking to someone and they have to ask "What?" more than once. 
  3. When I'm talking to someone and I have to ask "What?" more than once.

More runners up... (things that just annoy me, but don't make me go "GRRR!")
  1. When the cap is left off the toothpaste.
  2. When a wet towel is left on my bed.
  3. When the toilet seat is left up, when the kids don't flush, when the little boy misses, when the TP isn't replaced on the roller.
  4. When someone says, "You need to..." A LOT!
And the opposite? Come back tomorrow for how pet peeves make you a better writer.

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. And college-educated people with great jobs on television say, "We're going to HONE in on this topic." Augggghhh!! Just heard that earlier today.

  2. So funny! I agree with so many of these! The inside out laundry! UGH!!

    1. Too funny! I don't really care if the laundry is inside out. It just bothers me when I "undo" a perfectly good item - for nothing! This week, I'd be happy if the laundry got done at all!


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