Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Famous Author, Famous Illustrator

About a month ago, I started a sparkly new feature: Favorite Pages. At last, here is the NEXT blog post, and as promised, I will share the answer. Thanks for being patient.

Favorite Pages #1: ANSWER

The book is written by a famous author: Margaret Wise Brown.
The book is written by a famous illustrator: Felicia Bond.
It was published by HarperCollinsPublishers in 1956, 1989, and 2002.

And the book is...BIG RED BARN.

Do any of you own this book? Had it as a child? What's your favorite page?

And now...for the next two days, I shall immerse myself in WriteOnCon.


  1. I had never seen the book before. I was able to read part of it on Amazon and think I will try to get a copy. Very sweet. Thanks for telling me about it.

  2. Oh how my son loved this book - over and over and over!
    Ours is the board book - not sure if it is a condensed version?

    Fav spread:
    The hens were sleeping on their nests.
    Even the roosters took a rest.
    The little black bats flew away
    Out of the barn at the end of the day.

  3. It really is a sweet little story. I don't think the board book is a condensed version, just a different format.


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