Monday, January 13, 2014

The Lovely Prizes for PB 14:14

PB 14:14Hello, everyone! I've gathered together a basket of goodies for you today. They could even become yours! On February 1st, I'm opening the registration for my new blogging event, PB 14:14, a Blog Hop with PRIZES. The hop will begin on 2.14.2014. It will last for 14 days. I will give more details later. In the meantime, read more picture books! Check them out from the library. Borrow your neighbor's. Here's WHAT and WHO I have in store for you.

WHO is involved?

Tara Lazar
Lori Degman
Kristy Dempsy
Deb Lund
Susanna Leonard Hill
Alayne Christian
Kristi Holl
Julie Hedlund
and hopefully YOU!!!

WHAT are the prizes?

TWO guest bloggers
TWO picture book giveaways
THREE picture book critique giveaways
TWO writer inspiration books
ONE market guide book
ONE 30-minute phone consultation


FOUR winners of something
ONE grand prize winner of something BIG

*eligibility is based on participation...

Next up? The winners of the Summer/Fall Lucky Clover Picture Book Contest!

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. Sounds like an interesting blog hop.

  2. Should be. In one way or another. Hope to see you there! You might win a prize!

  3. This should be good. I'm looking forward to it.

  4. Hmmm… a February challenge? Bring it on!

  5. I'm very much looking forward to signing up for this challenge: I've already picked out 14 picture books to use!

    I signed up to follow your blog via GFC. Could you send me the template for analyzing and writing picture books? My email address is MEMcDonald (at)

    Many thanks!

  6. Wow! Glad to see your excitement! I will warn you that you may want to have a few backup books in case they don't fit the criteria. I'll probably post a preview with more details before the sign-ups. I'll send the template on over! Nice to "meet" you and hope to see you around.

  7. Hi Christie-- could you please send me the template as well?? Or is it here somewhere? I've just found you through Kidlit411 :D Looking forward to starting your challenge!
    My e-mail is

    1. Hi, Nat! Nice to have you here. The lineup for this year's challenge is different from last year's challenge. It's still in the works. Hope you can join us. When you sign up for my newsletter, you'll get the template, and a 2nd bonus for free as well!


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