Friday, February 20, 2015

DAY 7: Boris and the Wrong Shadow by Leigh Hodgkinson (Plot)

Read, study, and share 14 picture books in 14 days
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Welcome to DAY 7. Today's lesson is on PLOT.

Boris and the Wrong Shadow
by Leigh Hodgkinson
Title: Boris and the Wrong Shadow
Author: Leigh Hodgkinson
Illustrator: Leigh Hodgkinson
Publisher: Tiger Tales (orig. Orchard Books in Great Britain)
Year: 2009 (orig. 2008)
Word Count: 648
Top 10 Element: Plot

Boris the cat wakes up from his catnap to discover that he has the wrong shadow, as Vernon has switch-swapped it and left him with a small (and embarrassing) mouse shadow.
First spread:
Boris has just woken up from his catnap. He smiles as he remembers his dream...swimming in a gigantic bowl of creeamy milk. Now that he is wide awake, Boris is feeling funny. Not funny ha ha but funny strange.
This book has lots of big bold curving text. Some word play too. It is written in present tense, which is unusual for a picture book. It is definitely a character book. But I decided to give a summary of the plot for each page.

Spread 2: decides to not let a silly thing like this ruin his day
Spread 3: But it actually does. Other cats snicker. The birds don't even look up.
Spread 4: Is Boris actually a mouse? Nope. Still 100% cat.
Spread 5: What if his shadow was something bigger?
Spread 6: He suddenly sees his own shadow walking past.
Spread 7: Did Vernon steal his shadow?
Spread 8: No. They switch-swapped.
Spread 9: Boris would like them to switch-swatch back. Vernon runs.
Spread 10: But, Vernon won't fit in his mouse house.
Spread 11: Boris wouldn't understand Vernon's plight, but he actually does.
Spread 12: Boris tries to help Vernon get his own shadow back so they can spend time together.
Spread 13: They pounce through the garden again and they both feel like superstars.
Spread 14: They curl up and take an afternoon nap together.

Hope you find this helpful to PACE your own PLOTS.

And here's another book about Boris.

Keep on keepin' on...

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  1. I love the concept of waking up with someone else's shadow! What a fun writing prompt or art prompt for kids.

    1. The teacher in you really shines through. Thanks for sharing your prompted ideas from this book.

  2. I like the way words mingle with the colorful pictures. Great concept and plot!

  3. Love the switch-swap idea. Nice choice for plot!
    Too bad the groundhog didn't switch-swap with a more warmer climate loving animal... say a lamb or a robin. :)

  4. Okay. A new character to fall in love with. Love these pics and this art. And the concept and plot are fun fun fun. Seems full of the elements, which makes for a great book. Gotta find Boris. Thanks Christie for the heads up.

  5. Thank you so much, Christie, for laying out the text in spreads...I did that during Susanna's Making Picture Book Magic class last year and it really helps you to see how your story is (or is not) moving along.

    1. I agree. If any of you would like my free PB template, where it's laid out in spreads, just sign up for my newsletter (off to the right).

  6. What a cute book...funny strange, I agree. And they way it is written on the page is quite unique!

  7. The illustrations are so cute and I like the idea of having a different shadow. Sounds like a fun book.

  8. It is a fun book. It's one of those books, for me, that isn't instantly a favorite, but the more you read it, the more it starts to grow on you a little. It's definitely a visual feast full of color and fun text layouts.


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