Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why "Dancing Through Time and Space"?

Creative Commons, Pixabay
If you haven't noticed, "Dancing Through Time and Space" is my new blog motto, log line, subtitle, whatever. No, it's not Star Trek. No, I'm not aiming to find a portal in the universe, or a crack in the time/space continuum, but I would love to have a time machine (to create more of it). Or would that be a time tree? If you had a time machine/tree, what things would you want to do? How could you more fully spend your time?

I also love space and thinking about the universe, don't you? And then there's each person's own personal space, too. And of course, there's DANCING! I do love to twirl around and dance. I just imagine myself dancing around trying to get more done in my limited space and time. I kind of jump from one passion to the next, always trying to learn how to be more mindful of my time.

Every day, we all dance through time and space as we say hello to a loved one, pick up the phone and call a parent, pick up the dirty laundry and squeeze a hug with our children. A peck on the cheek, a bear hug, a high five. These are ways I dance through time and space with my family. Family is the most important thing in life. I try to teach my children to love the Lord, teach them good manners, teach them how to be respectful, honest, law-abiding citizens. Teach them what they need to know to be safe and happy here on this earth. I pray for my sisters. I'm happy when my parents call me. How do you dance with your family?

But, yet I still struggle. Sometimes I steal time from my family just so I can write. A lot of writers don't have a clean house, or maybe they don't take the time to cook a nice meal. I, for one, do neither most of the time. But we always have clean clothes to wear and food to eat. So, yeah, I'm always dancing through time and space - fleeting, sometimes focused, sometimes unfocused, happy, searching for love and how to share with others the deeper meaning of life. Will you dance through time and space with me?

When you leave a comment, you'll receive "dancing time-released space-kisses" to last for a whole week. I know you want a little more love in your life. 

Keep on keepin' on...


  1. Love it! You make me want to dance today! One time when my g-kids were here with me in San Antonio, we walked through downtown, and I started skipping. They couldn't believe it, but immediately they followed me and we skipped through downtown, and made many people happy!!


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