Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Win Free Tuition to a Writer's Retreat

Let me ask you a question. If someone gave you a free writing retreat, would you take it? If so, now's your chance to win a trip to NC! Of course, you'd be responsible for your own airfare.

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Rural North Carolina

Imagine being with 47 other writers... and making friends that you'll cherish forever. You'll explore the mountains and trails. You'll eat S'mores. Visit the Fontana Dam and take a tour of Fontana Lake. This place is magical. Who cares that it's 3 and a half hours from the nearest major airport?

Rejuvenating, Educational, Productive, Social

With 8 faculty members to meet and learn from, you'll be able to revise your manuscript with renewed vigor. Two roundtable critique groups will give you direct and specific feedback on your first two chapters. Each evening, we'll be social... with journal making, swimming, boat tours, and a book signing party and book character costume contest.

Adventurous, Thematic, Charitable, Braggable

Two-mile trail runs each morning. A themed race: dress up like a book character! Great views! And get a medal. BLING!

Who will you invite to come with you? Instead of sharing in the comments below, share the emails of three close friends when you sign up for the contest and get 10 extra chances to win!

Keep on keepin' on...

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