Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Giveaway!

When I was doing my student teaching in the 3rd grade, my cooperating teacher told me her favorite word.  I don't remember it now, but it was really simple.  Something like THAT, WHICH, WHO, WHAT, or something.  It was one syllable, and was not a verb, noun, or adjective.  Although that, who, and what all refer to nouns, right?  I thought it odd, nonetheless.  But she truly loved that word.

I recently realized that I purchased a copy of a book I already had:  Children's Writers's Word Book by Alijandra Mogilner.
Children's writer's word book [Book]
Crazy me!  So, I'm hosting a book giveaway contest.  To enter:

  • Just follow my blog and leave me a comment telling me your 3 favorite words (or 3 words you really like, even if they're not necessarily you're favorite).
  • For a second entry, mention me on your own blog (and be sure to leave a link below).
  • For a third entry, tweet about the contest (and be sure to include @christiewild).
I will choose a winner on Saturday, September 25th.  That's 10 days!  By the way, my three favorite words are metamorphosis, onomatopoeia, and paprika.  What words do you love?

Contest is now closed. Winner posted in comments.


  1. Tender, loving, care

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  2. cerulean, autumnal, paprikash (close to your paprika)

  3. awesome, cheeky, monkey

  4. juxtapose, banshee, chocolate : )

    I'll give your contest a shout out on my blog too!

  5. Hmm. Percolate. Trounce. Supreme. :)

  6. Her favorite word is THEY. Actually, it's her favorite spelling of a word!

    My favorite spelling of a word is CHIHUAHUA. So fun to say phonetically!

    Remember if you want another entry, to spread the word about my contest on your blog, or twitter. Or both!

  7. I'll play!


    Don't know why.

    I don't know why but this brought back to me a game my dad and I used to play when I was little where we would go back and forth saying one word in as many different tones and inflections as we could think. Like ... What? What!? Whaaaat? WHAT?! Now that I'm trying to remember some of the words I can't really imagine many more than "what" Sorry, tangent.

    I don't have a blog otherwise I would totally give you a shout out!

  8. Hey, Christie! Love the blog. The book looks great. I guess my three favorite words would be pantophobia, cerulean and chocolate.

  9. Thanks, Lisa! That's two votes for cerulean. And two for chocolate. I never even heard of pantophobia.

  10. I love the words myriad, labyrinth and scarlet.

  11. I like these three words

    But my favourite are: wabi-sabi, aesthetic and pseudonym.
    (I'm a fan of onomatopoeia too. Luckily I get to say it often at my Create a Kids' Book workshops : )

  12. My 3 favorite words: Mississippi, Constantinople, and Timbuktu. Don't ask. I haven't a clue. I just think that they're fun to say and spell, I guess.

  13. And, I just mentioned the contest on my brand new twitter page. I only have like 4 tweeters, though, so it's not going to get you the buzz that you're hoping for, I'm afraid. Sorry:( It still counts, though, right? LOL

  14. Thank you all so much for participating in my contest. Ten contestants, wow! And the winner is...out of 15 entries, JULIE HEDLUND! Congratulations!


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