Friday, September 17, 2010

Timeless Wisdom and a Jingle

I've talked about balance and focus.  I even signed up for Coach Marla Beck's free 5-day e-mail seminar on how to be an organized and relaxed writer.  Her blog, The Relaxed Writer, is informative and inspiring.

Throughout my life, I've always been organized, positive, cheerful, optimistic, goal-oriented, and determined.  I have also always been slow, indecisive, a path-of-least-resistance kind of person, and bad with time.  My husband says I would be late to my own funeral.  So I'm going to use my being slow to my advantage.  I'm going to get more organized and write up a plan, which will include long-term goals and projects, short-term goals to reach those projects, a schedule, and a positive mantra.

Here's my plan.  Since being bad with time seems to be fighting against my very core of existence lately, and I really want to achieve balance and focus, I have developed a mantra.  It is based on the timeless wisdom, "Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."  So my new policy, in jingle form, is...
Asleep in the bed by ten or eleven; Up and at 'em by six or seven.
I will begin tonight, so I only have 50 minutes left to write.  And I'm working my butt off.  I was up till 3 AM, so I slept a lot today.  I did work on organizing a Church notebook for Sunday for an hour and a half.  So at least I feel like I accomplished something.  It really needed to be done, as I had been working on it and putting it off for about two weeks.  I really feel like going to bed early, and waking up early, truly will ensure that I get enough sleep, AND have plenty of energy to work more efficiently.  I hope my hypothesis tests positively.

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