Thursday, September 16, 2010

Library Circulation Records

Molly O'Neill, Assistant Editor at Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins said that a library's circulation records on a book or an an author can affect the buying power of whether or not that library will buy more books from that author.

When I asked my local library about that, they said they do look at circulation records, but it doesn't necessarily affect if they'll buy another book by a certain author.  I guess it just depends on the library.  It IS a very small library, though.  Even still, I will always LOVE libraries, and bookstores.  

I was really excited when I learned that tidbit because I wondered how a library could help an author's career, to a point.  Now I know they can help EVEN MORE!!!

Today's Mission:  visit your library some time in the next week, and tell them "thank you" for all they do!

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