Monday, December 27, 2010

Good News for the New Year!

The good news of Christmas is that Christ was born. The good news of his gospel is that Christ lives. We had a lovely white Christmas with six inches of snow! The next day, we went sledding in the side yard. I stayed outside long after the little ones went chattering to the front door. It was a dry powdery snow, perfect for sledding, but not for snowmen.

And the good news for today (not that these are in any way in the same level of categories) is that I actually got to spend two hours writing! Well, revising. But to me, it's all one in the same. Writing, revising... what's the difference? I know that there truly is a difference, but for me they are so closely related that I choose to put them in the same definition. It's just easier that way. AND I organized some too! I now have a folder on my laptop called IDEAS. Now I don't have to search in five different places to find my lists of ideas. I'm almost to 100, now.

I had found a short newspaper article back on Friday, December 3. Part of the message is that we are all God's children and He loves us more than our own parents love us. He loves us more than we love our little ones that he has given us to look after for Him. And since I don't feel like summarizing, I'll quote the rest (as found in the Religion section of The McDowell News):
"Although it takes enormous courage to put our complete trust in God, we must believe that He wants only what is good for us. What is required of us is to see God's work in everything we do, and develop perfect trust to accept the trials of his life, and to know that with whatever difficulties we are faced, God will not abandon us. The first step in increasing our trust in God is to thank Him daily for His many blessings and to always go to Him with our anxieties."
The scripture referenced was Proverbs 3:5-6.

So I'm going to start each post from now through January, stating how I'm thankful for my many blessing and how that can help me in my writing career.


  1. Hi! What a wonderful idea. I've been doing something similar on my personal blog for the month of December, but I love the idea of tying them into writing.

  2. Amen!

    And good for you to have found writing time! I haven't had any real writing time since break started, but that's really been my own choice. It's just been too much fun hanging out with my kids. And how many moms can say that when 2 of their kids are teenagers? ;-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks! I must say I haven't had any writing time since. I spent all day today paying bills, balancing checkbook, and budgeting. Happy, happy, joy, joy... I'm considering taking my laptop to work every day so I can write during lunch hour. But first I have to clean off THAT desk, too!


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