Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teaching With Picture Books

It's 11:30 at night. I am thankful that I hear my bed calling my name even though I am tired, but at least I have a bed. That means I am making time to write this blog post.

I am thankful for libraries. My babysitter took my daughter to the public library today and my daughter checked out a book for her 6-year-old brother too. It is Comets and Meteors by Lynda Sorensen, published in 1993, as part of the Solar System series. Did you know that the tail of the Halley's Comet is nearly 94 million miles long?

So today is Wednesday and I'm supposed to write about picture books. The most exciting news to me today was that Keith Schoch over at Teach with Picture Books has finally posted another blog post! It has been nearly seven months. And he has three great posts about picture books. You should really go check it out.

  1. Heidi Kellenberger, editor at Teacher Created Materials Publishing will be looking at ideas and writing samples in January 2011. Keith shares an e-mail he received from her inviting us to submit to her.
  2. How Can Educators Without Basic Literary Skills Succeed? By using picture books, of course!
  3. Picture Books, Trade Books, Wisdom Books, Theme Books, Mentor Texts, Craft Models, Micro-Texts, Touchstone Texts, Content Area Reference Books... 
So, no four-leaf clover book recommendation for today. Hope you don't mind. Enjoy the picture book info. Remember to come back on New Year's Day for January's interview with a debut picture book author!

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  1. Thank you, Christie, for the warm welcome back! Rather than "phone it in," I decided some time off was needed from my blogs, but how it got to be seven months, who knows? It's great to be back, though. I think your idea of a posting schedule is a good one! Maybe this old dog can learn a new trick.


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