Friday, December 10, 2010

I Will Survive

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Oh, yes, I will survive. I'm not even putting lights on my porch this year. Why, oh, why did the living room have to get an overhaul right NOW?!!!

Anyway, what can I share about writing and life today? I'm reading the Rocky Mountain Series of books by Lori Wick right now. Loving it, as always. However, I read the second book in the series before the first. Have any of you ever done that? It's a four-book series. As a writer, it is interesting to see how much planning went into these novels. I'm constantly thinking about the second book as I read the first. Could be a great writer-study exercise for YA series writers.

This week's Read-4-Luck reading recommendation was cut down to one book, instead of the usual four. I think it makes a quicker read and definitely a quicker write, but for the first time in months, I received ZERO comments on a post. Boo-hoo. But it is the holidays...

I'm going to my husband's Christmas party for work this weekend. Looking forward to a bit of fun. He's only going because I want to. Have a great weekend!!! Anyone else having holiday parties this weekend? (I'm actually attending TWO!)

P.S. Not that it matters to anyone but me, but today is my older brother's birthday. He would have been 39. He died in May 2000. He was defiant, stubborn, adventurous, and had a true passion for life. Today is always difficult for my mom.


  1. Christie, here's to your brother!

    I hope you enjoy your husband's Christmas party. :) I think it's funny that you are dragging him out there. I'm going to my husband's work Christmas party as well on Saturday. Mom will be coming over to watch the kids. The kicker is that my toes are still taped and I have to wear flip flops, so we'll see how it goes. Have fun!

  2. I hate starting in the middle of a series, but often find it hard to know which order they go in. If I'm ever lucky enough to have a series published that's one thing that I'm going to be nutty about, make sure the series is clearly labeled #1, #2, etc...

  3. I just realized that I wrote this last night, on the ninth. My brother's birthday is the 9th, not the 10th. Oops.

    Melissa, it definitely makes it easier on the reader when series are clearly labeled.

  4. So sorry about your brother. I don't think it matters how long someone has been gone, special days are still hard. :(

    I notice that my comments are down, too. I was starting to think it was just me!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your brother.

    I've read books out of order, too--it's an interesting experience, knowing how things are going to turn out and piecing it all together.

  6. Hi Christie, I'm sorry about your brother and hope you and your family had a lovely day for him!

    I *hate* reading books out of order and, if I realise I have done it, struggle to finish the earlier books as I know what is going to happen... ah well! :)

    Have a lovely weekend full of Christmas festivities!

  7. Su and Golden Eagle, just saw you on Quinn's blog.

    I think maybe some comments are down because of the holidays.

    Yes, it is a very interesting experience reading the books out of order.

  8. Hi Christie - I hope you can take joy in the memories you have of your brother; it must have been hard to lose him at such a young age. No matter how many years go by, you find yourself still missing them!

    I often read books out of order, and then will go back and read the first book again. I always look to see if the characters got stronger or weaker with the following books.

    Any way, I like your thought process and it really shows through your blog. For that matter I am still reading backwards on your blog, going through the archives, and I see where you have grown in your own blogging. I hope I will do the same.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Sorry to hear about your brother, I'm glad you've got parties to go to to take your mind off it a bit. If we miss posts, we can all check back at less busy times and make comments :)

    Good luck with the house!

    I have never read out of order but maybe I should because I quite often don't read passed page two on some :)

  10. I think I must clarify the books I am reading. As I said, it is Lori Wick's Rocky Mountain Series. The most unique thing about it is that book 1 and 2 happen simultaneously. I've never read a book like that before. It is very cool. The books are written (all of her books) in such a way that they are easily understood independent of one another. However, the characters from any of the first books still show up in the second books, although at that point, they become secondary characters. It's nice to know their histories though. There are lots of the same conversations happening in the first two books, Where the Wild Rose Blooms, and Whispers of Moonlight. It is very cool! None of her other books are simultaneous in that way. If you like historical religious romance, READ THIS SERIES!!!

  11. I went to a book club Christmas party this weekend which was loads of fun. Now we have another one on Friday - woo hoo! Love the adult time we get to squeeze in at this time of year.

    I'm sorry about your brother. This will be the fourth Christmas without my Dad. It doesn't matter how many years go by, you always miss them on honor them on the special days.


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